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UPC: 075678641510
Format: LP
Release Date: June 10, 2022
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1. king of the world, pt. 1
2. childhood bedroom
3. happy to be sad
4. I wanna love you but I don't
5. leave my mind
6. dance with you
7. king of the world, pt. 2
8. carefully
9. chasing you
10. come back
11. dark times
12. imagine
13. king of the world, pt. 3



Ben Platt “Reverie” - We slip in and out of songs like daydreams. Akin to a gust of fresh air through an open window, those short bursts of fancy renew and revive us. Ben Platt uncorks such moments of escapism on his second full-length album, the aptly titled Reverie [Atlantic Records] now available on LP. The GRAMMY®, TONY®, and Emmy® Award-winning artist bottles butterflies of joy, wonder, and hope inside of immersive pop underlined by warm electronic soundscapes, eloquent lyricism, and showstopping vocal dynamics. The album features the singles, “Imagine” and “Happy To Be Sad”.

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