We pay cash for used vinyl, cassettes, turntables and stereo equipment. We generally give store credit for used CDs and DVDs. Please call ahead if you have questions. 


Collections of all sizes are welcome, so whether you have a handful, or thousands of records to sell, call or stop by any day of the week. We will travel to you for large collections!
On this page, we list a bunch of stuff with average prices we might pay for those items. These prices can change at any time depending on supply and demand, and are only round numbers anyway. The only way we can give you a fixed price for your used items is to bring them in and have us take a look and make an offer.

Selling us your used LPs and 7"s

Condition, condition, condition. To receive a good price, the records must be in very good to excellent condition. The cover cannot have a lot of wear. The record has no deep scratches, gouges, warps or anything you would hear if you play it with an ordinary needle. We generally do not buy 78s.

Availability. Whether or no a record is still in print or has been reissued greatly affects the market price it sells for and thus what we pay.

Valuable Genres on LP:

The following prices are for common records in each genre.

Rare records within these genres are worth significantly more. There is really no ceiling as to how much you can get for the right records. I think the most we've paid was about $200 for one record, but you never know what you have until you bring it by.

Indie Rock: most artist ranging from Smiths, Joy Division, Neutral Milk Hotel, etc. from the '80s until now get $5-15, depending on the pressing and rarity.

Reggae: All reggae records we pay $2-5. We pay more for old dub records though.

Blues: most common blues album by a major artist we pay $2-5. Acoustic pre-1960 blues we pay $3-$10.

Punk: common punk record from the late 70s through now we pay $2-10 on average. Rare colors or versions get you more money. We are into punk and have been collecting for years so we are going to pay you good money. We like punk records best actually.

Modern 20th century classical: $2-10. This is post-1900 stuff like Morton Feldman, John Cage, Subotnick, etc.

Funk and Soul before 1980: $2-10 average. Funk records get more though.

70s Progressive rock/kraut (artists like Can or Magma, labels like Vertigo): $5-20, more for rare psych and kraut.

Jazz: recordings made prior to 1970, especially on Blue Note, Impulse, Riverside, Pablo, Prestige, Fantasy, Argo, etc. are the most valuable records as a category. They are commonly worth in excellent condition $3-10, rare records can go into the hundreds. Certain records in good condition are worth much much more. We’ll pay $5-15 for vinyl reissues. Free Jazz titles get a little more too.

Metal: from Black Sabbath to Ozzy to Iron Maiden to Queensryche to Motley Crue to Metallica, some hard rock like AC/DC, most bands on labels like Metal Blade, Nuclear Blast, Relapse etc. are worth $5-15. Black metal records we pay $5-15.

Classic rock like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Kinks, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie, many other 60s and classic rock we pay usually $3-10 in very good to excellent condition. Some rare pressings of these records are worth much much more.

International: It really depends on the record and how authentic the music is. Right now African records sell the best and will get you the most money, but we like all kinds of weird stuff.

7"s/45s: We buy '60s & '70s R&B/funk singles, and mainly punk, indie, and metal 7"s. These must be in their picture sleeves if they have one. The price ranges from $1-$5 average, on up to $50 for rare items. Most '70s and '80s Top 40 are worthless to us.

70s and 80s rock like the Abba, April Wine, Asia, the Doobie Brothers, Moody Blues, Styx, Journey, Billy Joel, Cars, Seals and Croft, all the bands that sold millions of records in the seventies and early eighties aren't worth a ton. There’s so many of the records around you’ll probably get $1-$5 if we need them.

Children’s, comedy, spoken word. Yes we do want to buy them, 50 cents to $5 in good shape. Bring them in.

Bad News:

"Zeros" - badly scratched and damaged records, easy listening, light classics, Christmas albums (unless it's November or December), and Broadway records are mostly not worth anything.

    Selling us your used Tapes
    • We still buy cassette tapes. Almost all cassettes are probably only worth $0.25-$2.00. Metal, punk, and rap tapes are worth more, up to $5.00. Cassingles are usually not worth anything.

    Selling us your used CDs

    • We buy most every kind of genre of music. Some more than others, but a little of everything.
    • All the prices that we tell you in this section are for CDs that are in very good to excellent condition. They may have a few fingerprints or light surface scratches, but they are basically in new condition. No major scratches or gouges.
    • We pay from 50 cents to 5 dollars for used CDs, but the average is $1.00 - $3.00. It depends on
      1) the price they sell for new. Obviously a CD we sell new for 6.99 will get less than a CD we sell new for 15.99.
      2) Supply and demand.
    • All CDs must have their original packaging, front & back covers, and be in jewel cases.
    • We generally give store credit for used CDs unless it is something in big demand, such as newer releases and more off the wall stuff.

    Things we pay a lot for:

    • Artists that have stood the test of time. Black Flag, Bob Dylan, Brian Eno, Elliott Smith, Pink Floyd, Tupac, etc.
    • New Releases. We pay $4 - $5 for a Full Price CD.
    • Classic "midline" CDs. These are CDs that sell for less new, but are still highly desirable albums. We pay $2-3 each for a mid price CD.
    • We specialize in punk, metal, indie rock, and avant-garde jazz. We want these cds more and will pay more for classic artists in this genre.

    Things we might not want:

    • On the other hand, there are some CDs where there are way more people trying to sell them than people who want to buy them, so regardless of list price, the used offer is much lower. Artists that fall into this category might include Blackstreet, N*Sync, Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, later Boston, Neil Diamond, or Kenny G. People don’t want these things anymore, and we generally don't either. Sorry. This also goes for budget classical, modern mainstream country, '90s dance, and aggro/numetal.
    • To find out the actual price we will pay for every CD, just bring them into the store. We buy during the entire store hours, 7 days a week. You’re under no obligation to sell any or all of your CDs.
    • Again, we generally give store credit for used CDs. Please call ahead if you have questions.

    Selling us your used DVDs

    • We currently are only buying music related DVDs.
    • DVDs are subject to the same rules of supply and demand that govern what we can pay for used CDs. Most DVDs we pay $1.00 - $3.00 for. You'll get more for new releases.
    • We pay more for music DVDs, generally $3.00 - $5.00.
    • Sometimes the supply exceeds the demand for certain titles, and as a result our offer price goes down to $1-2 or so.
    • We DO NOT buy adult movies/porn.
    • All DVDs must have their original packaging, covers, and be in cases.
    • Again, we generally give store credit for used DVDs. Please call ahead if you have questions.

    Selling us your used VHS

    • We no longer buy VHS movies of any kind. Sorry.