U.S. GIRLS <br/> <small>BLESS THIS MESS</small>



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UPC: 191400050617
Label: 4AD
Format: LP
Release Date: February 24, 2023
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1. Only Daedalus
2. Just Space For Light
3. Screen Face (feat. Michael Rault)
4. Futures Bet
5. So Typically Now
6. Bless This Mess
7. Tux (Your Body Fills Me, Boo)
8. R.I.P. Roy G. Biv (feat. Marker Starling)
9. St. James Way
10. Pump (feat. Alanna Stuart)



Bless This Mess - U.S. Girls - U.S. Girls operates on a uniquely out-of-time wavelength, alternately wronged and rueful, classic but contemporary, bruised vignettes of poetic Americana through a feminist lens. Bless This Mess marks both a divergence from and deepening of Remy's songbook, more at peace with her restless truths and moods. Long-time collaborator (as well as vocal engineer, multi-instrumentalist, husband, and co-parent) Maximilian Turnbull plays a key role facilitating these fluid muses. As artists and partners their rapport at this point is thoroughly symbiotic, able to tap into subtle veins of humor and heaviness, rhythm, and reverie. Conceived in tandem with the conception and birth of twin boys, the songs were pieced together stem by stem with a vast cast of collaborators (Alex Frankel of Holy Ghost!, Marker Starling, Ryland Blackinton of Cobra Starship, Basia Bulat, Roger Manning Jr. Of Jellyfish and Beck,) and audio engineers (Neal H Pogue, Ken Sluiter, Steve Chahley, Maximilian Turnbull).

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