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UPC: 616967549805
Format: TAPE
Release Date: July 1, 2022
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1. New Growth
2. Why Suffer?
3. Dumb Desire
4. Vessel
5. 108th
6. (My Turn)
7. Breakdown
8. Cold Hands
9. A Strange Bird
10. Your Sound
11. Quietness
12. Not Mine Chopped ; Screwed



"Not Mine" is a dynamic sampling of Carlos Truly's musical sensibilities. A genre-bending journey, it's the missing puzzle piece that ties together his long list of contradictory production credits (Princess Nokia, Frankie Cosmos, Mister Twin Sister, etc etc). He channels old-soul singers while vocalizing over wailing sirens or dreamy saxophone solos. Real-life brother and co-producer Tony Seltzer delivers a taste of NYC's underground hip-hop scene via off-kilter beats and wild percussive moments. Carlos sings about the limitations of traditional masculinity, growing up in Brooklyn, entitlement, true love, and the inherent difficulty in choosing a life dedicated to artistic pursuit. Intermittent interludes deliver us seamlessly from one track into the next-occasionally blurring the lines between tracks, or offering a place to rest after a particularly intense song. At eleven tracks and just under 23 minutes, it's a tidy introduction that begs to be listened to in order, from start to finish.

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