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Format: LP
Release Date: March 3, 2023
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After three years, with a successful side journey in the meantime into more modern programmed beats and production, Marcus Gad returns to an organic reggae style with his previous collaborators, Tribe, on the new album READY FOR BATTLE. Originally recorded at the end of 2018 into 2019, the record was held for three years until now, but considering all that has happened in the interim you will forgive us if we say that the subject matter of the album feels extremely prescient and of the moment. Marcus Gad and Tribe had a very successful album together (CHANTING) in 2017 and this record continues that partnership. Recorded as a live album in the studio, as opposed to layering with endless overdubs, READY FOR BATTLE has a tight, living feel, with a band and a singer working in synch together to create something much bigger than just a set of songs. The album touches on themes that are in line with much of Marcus’s previous output: spiritual awareness, collective awakening on the pressing need to change our current way of life, and returning to nature, all of which are even more pressing in the post-Covid world.


  1. Ready For Battle
  2. Forward
  3. Long Term
  4. The Levee
  5. Long Way Home
  6. Mind Power
  7. Stop Making Problems
  8. Reflexion
  9. Sometimes
  10. False Prophets
  11. Seeking A Vision
  12. Blessed Be The Love
  13. Jericho Walls
  14. Change

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