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Format: CD
Release Date: March 11, 2022
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1. Best Life
2. Sara Jo
3. Prescription Refill
4. Hold The Line
5. Breakdown
6. K Hole
7. Dead Eyes
8. Cancel Culture (feat. Lloyd Vines)
9. Oxy Music (feat. Jason Williamson)



Alex Cameron has always been a great storyteller, finding his waysinto the depths of the places where not many others are looking,and Oxy Music continues on that trajectory. It's filled with stories ofpeople who fall outside the system and exist in the grey areas of life.And much like 2017's Forced Witness, Oxy Music is a work of fiction.In it's design - it's music, lyrics and tracklist - lies the journey a personcan take, if the circumstances present themselves - down the roadof heavy drug and alcohol abuse. Initially inspired by Nico Walker'sCherry, Cameron was spurred into yet another commentary onAmerican Life, this time about the opioid crisis that has taken overthe country. Alex says about Oxy Music: "The album is a story, awork of fiction, mostly from the perspective of a man. Starved ofmeaningful purpose, confused about the state of the world, and indire need of a reason to live - a person can, and according to thelatest statistics, increasingly will, turn to opioids. This is one of thosepeople."While Oxy Music could be dark, it's instead brighter and morebuoyant than much of Cameron's previous work, a shift in mood firstseen across 2019's Miami Memory. It's told from a place of optimismand through the lens of Cameron, in the way that only he can tell it.

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