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Format: LP
Release Date: December 29, 2023
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Mojave Phone Booth is an Electronic /Industrial/Rock Band. Mojave Phone Booth featuring Tobey Torres-Doran and Mitchell J Doran, the husband and wife team from the electronic band, Snake River Conspiracy. Mojave Phone Booth also includes drummer Lynn Farmer of Meat Beat Manifesto. Tobey Torres was discovered singing in the Bay Area and was signed to Interscope Records on the strength of a two-song demo. She was the lead vocalist and frontperson for the electronic act Snake River Conspiracy, touring the world with bands such as A Perfect Circle, Queens of the Stone Age, Filter, Etc. In addition to being signed as an artist to Warner Brothers, she also sang as a session vocalist on various recordings for Warner/Reprise records. She is known for her ability to transition between melodic phrasing and guttural screaming effortlessly. She has worked with producers Charlie Clouser, Eric Valentine, David Kahne, etc... Mitchell J Doran began playing guitar at seven years old. A selftaught multi-instrumentalist, he was hired as a teenager to work as a session musician and recording engineer on major label releases for Warner Brothers and various other labels. After this he was asked to join Snake River Conspiracy, which began the creative relationship between Tobey and Mitchell that continues with Mojave Phone Booth. In addition to playing synths, drums, bass and guitars, Mitchell also records and produces the band's albums.


1. Grandmother Variations
2. Landlocked
3. Callous
4. Somnambulist
5. Grave Dirt
6. Analog Religion
7. Life of Crime
8. Anorthosite
9. Kill the Messenger
10. Mineral Deposits
11. Synesthesia
12. Turn Electric
13. Etisohtrona
14. Haunted Places
15. Where Are You Now
16. Grandmother Variations Remix
17. Landlocked Remix
18. Mineral Deposits Remix
19. Where Are You Now? Remix

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