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UPC: 805859091625
Label: BFD
Format: LP
Release Date: November 10, 2023
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1. Wide Open
2. Pretend
3. Worth It
4. Sometimes You Need a Change
5. For Someone
6. Meant for Me
7. Still Gonna Miss You
8. I'll Be Here
9. Buying Time
10. Blue
11. Two Birds
12. Old and New



Along The Way, Caillat’s solo country debut, embodies that positivity in heartbreak’s wake. Though her move to Nashville was done as one-half of a romantic partnership - a personal and professional adventure to the southern city for this west coast girl - she thrived in all of life’s changes. In her musical journey and experimentation with new sounds, Caillat vividly captured a moment in her life through song. 

The California-raised, Nashville-based girl delivered songs with gratitude for having known this love, learned so many lessons and the joys shared along the way. “The love that you shared shouldn’t be wasted: you help each other grow and become a wiser and more evolved person. We needed to be together to become who we are today, even if we didn’t end up together.”

If Joni Mitchell’s quintessential Blue is the deep dive into the caverns of grief following a break-up, Along The Way is a bright, shiny compass Caillat offers to guide people through the tough times and raw feelings that accompany any dissolution. Lover, leaver, left, the woman who’s sung at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert wants to sow compassion for all parties involved.

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