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Format: TAPE
Release Date: September 22, 2023
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1. The Real Me
2. Missin' Out
3. Overpowering
4. No Alarm
5. Things Change
6. Insensitive
7. Facts
8. If It Happens Again
9. Lose U
10. Try (Alt Version)



Can I go again?, the debut full-length album by Richmond, VA-based singer-songwriter Benét (Benét Nutall) is a diverse collection of contemplative, tightly-crafted indie-pop, rock, and soul tracks as emotionally resonant as they are immediate and infectious. These tracks are equally worthy of processing heart break, gaming with your friends, or finding strength in solitude-growth in time requires an embrace of seriousness as well as unbridled, shameless joy. Benét's debut EP, Game Over (2021), was an honest effort at self-reflection through electronic dance and disco atmospheres-the titular question of their debut album serves as a reset on the arcade game with more knowledge, maturity, and assurance as Benét moves into more organic instrumental accompaniment and refined songwriting. The songs on Can I go again? represent the various relationship breaks-romantic, platonic, and professional-experiences and changes that colored Benét's early 20s and the time required for them to navigate and rehabilitate from those times. The ebullient and sharp guitar riffs and driving bassline of "Insensitive" lift Benét's vocals as they sing about feelings of nervousness, desire, and ultimately overcoming both with assuredness. Benét gets to flaunt satisfying personal growth in "Overpowering" over a smooth bassline and strutting beat. "No Alarm" offers another look at Benét's lyrical vulnerability, moving back and forth between self-consciousness in the verses and a shimmering string emphasized certainty in the chorus.The album was written by Benét in an attempt to deal with the detachment of several connections and the collaborative effort of these tracks brings a healing nature to Can I go again?. Benét's music has always been influenced by the environments around them and the people who they choose to create with. The album is a result of roughly three years of writing and recording at various times with different groups of friends and musical partners-in Richmond, VA with Jacob Grissom, Christian Lewis, Neal Perrine, and John Trainum, in Philadelphia with Kyle Pulley and Danny Murillo, and in New York with Carlos Truly.Can I go again? is about taking and recognizing time, growing deliberately, and expressing delight and nervousness with confidence. Benét uses Can I go again? to work through their own place amidst inspiring, confusing, difficult, and beautiful human connectivity and present these unforgettable, catchy, emotional songs with the hope the audience can listen and do the same.

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