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Format: LP
Release Date: May 26, 2023
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Clear with Splatter *LTD to 243*

JAMES ROMIG (finalist for the 2019 Pulitzer Prize in Music) & MIKE SCHEIDT (YOB) present the vinyl release of The Complexity of Distance.

The Complexity of Distance is a 58-minute electric guitar solo composed by James Romig and commissioned by Mike Scheidt. Like a vast expanse of ocean or desert, the music presents what might initially seem to be a bleak and repetitive landscape, but closer observation reveals constant variation in the flow of musical events, diverse intersections of harmonies, and a fragile world of micro-activity in the complex timbres that resonate within the guitar’s distortion and sustain. The work’s title, chosen in December 2019, refers to the shifting temporal distances created by the work’s background rhythmic structure and also references the challenges of collaboration between the Illinois-based composer and Oregon-based performer. Later the title took on additional and more profound meaning as “distance” became a way of life for all of us. 

“It was a dream come true to work with Mike on this large-scale work that attempts to blend our two musical worlds into something that is somehow both brand-new and warmly familiar. We’re both very excited to share the vinyl edition with listeners, and we hope it conveys the joy, mystery, and excitement that we both felt while creating this music.” - JAMES ROMIG

“After two years of communication, collaboration, and a recording session held during the height of the pandemic, James and I are thrilled to have The Complexity Of Distance released on vinyl through Relapse Records. For those whose ears gravitate toward the musical exploration of space and distortion, this is our offering to you.” -MIKE SCHEIDT

The Complexity of Distance was originally released in 2022 on New World Records. 

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