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UPC: 5400863045418
Label: MUTE U.S.
Format: LP
Release Date: September 10, 2021
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Kerber is a new chapter in Yann Tiersen's career - if Portrait was revisiting & reassessing the past, Kerber draws a line under that and looks to the future. Both a follow up to EUSA and an album unlike any Yann has made before. Kerber takes its name from a Chapel in a small village on Ouessant. Influenced by the close geographical area around him, each track is tied to a place, mapping out the direct landscape around Yann’s home. Rather than being a reflection on isolation, the record is an expression of being conscious of your own direct environment and your place within it. The album takes the solo piano themes from EUSA and marries them with electronics. The electronic samples are enhanced by the acoustic elements - it’s the reverse process to what Yann has done before. This is a piano-centred electronic album.

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