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Release Date: November 17, 2023
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Experience the timeless allure of The Kinks with 'The Journey - Part 2' 2LP Best Of. A thrilling odyssey through the band's iconic hits, including the electrifying "Till The End of The Day," the exuberant "David Watts," the sun-soaked vibes of "Sunny Afternoon," and the rebellious anthem "20th Century Man.", plus many many more. This release features 3 unreleased, newly remixed live tracks from the legendary 'New Victoria Suite' performances, transporting you front-row to hear the band's raw energy and musical brilliance. To add to the magic of 'The Journey Part 2,' this 2LP release features beautifully crafted liner notes by the band themselves. They delve into the band's remarkable journey, shedding light on the creative process, memorable anecdotes, and the enduring legacy of The Kinks offering you a glimpse into the band's world, providing context and insight into the stories behind these timeless classics

1. *** The world around the journeyman starts to crumble as his life is turned upside down
2. Till the End of the Day
3. Preservation
4. This Time Tomorrow (Alternate Take, 2020 Mix)
5. A Well Respected Man
6. Monica
7. *** The journeyman is led astray by ghosts and a dark angel
8. Lola
9. Sunny Afternoon
10. Animal Farm
11. Creeping Jean - By Dave Davies
12. Two Sisters
13. See My Friends
14. Money Talks
15. *** Our journeyman is seduced by those ghosts and demons of the underworld and searches for his lost innocence
16. Rainy Day in June
17. Dedicated Follower of Fashion
18. Where Are They Now? (2023 Mix)
19. Wicked Annabella
20. Susannah's Still Alive - By Dave Davies
21. 20th Century Man
22. Sitting By the Riverside
23. *** Despair turns to elation as journeyman overcomes his fear. Reunites with old friends
24. New Victoria Suite - Everybody's a Star (Starmaker) [Live 1975] (2023 Mix) *
25. New Victoria Suite - Slum Kids (Live 1975) [2023 Mix] *
26. New Victoria Suite - (A) Face in the Crowd (Live 1975) [2023 Mix]
27. Holiday Romance
28. Big Sky
29. God's Children

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