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Format: CD
Release Date: November 3, 2023
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Today, CASISDEAD announces details of his highly-anticipated debut studio album. Titled Famous Last Words, the twenty three track album is the London-based rapper, producer and director’s most ambitious statement yet and will be released in the US on November 3rd.

Famous Last Words is a fully realised expansion of the dystopian futurism that has captivated audiences since CASISDEAD first announced himself in 2013. Over the past decade, he’s dipped in and out of the shadows, blessing fans with cult hits while maintaining his anonymity, shunning media attention and donning various masks; a rejection of the spotlight that’s helped to create folklore around a rapper who’s widely regarded as one of the UK’s most inventive lyricists.Famous Last Words is as much a sci-fi film as it is a rap record, a labyrinth of vice, crime and faded glamour. The listener steps through a portal into a realm narrated by CASISDEAD, whose command of storytelling drops you right into the underground of a city where he is the main character in a shady network of gangsters, girls and drug deals. However, Famous Last Words isn’t a story of bravado or posturing; much of the album deals in themes of loss, regret and paranoia, a persona constantly self-reflecting amongst the madness that surrounds him.

The album features a carefully and idiosyncratically curated roll call of collaborators including Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant, Connie Constance, Kamio and Desire. The vocalists are immersed in CASISDEAD’s hallmark 80’s-inspired synthpop soundscapes, aided and abetted by a production cast that includes Stranger Things composer Kyle Dixon and producer, composer and Italians Do It Better label founder Johnny Jewel. Meanwhile, actors Ed Skrein and Emma Rigby’s narrative weaves through the record, amplifying the widescreen, cinematic experience.


1. Do You Trust Me?
2. A Spark
3. Loosin'
4. Steptronic
5. Deadcorp
6. Pineapple Juice ft Kamio
7. I Wanna Go Home
8. Actin' Up ft Desire
9. Sarah Connor
10. Do You Remember What It Was Like?
11. Marilyn ft Connie Constance
12. Aghast 6
13. Boys Will Be Boys
14. Venom
15. Traction Control
16. The Ants
17. Matte Grey Wrap ft Desire
18. Pat Earrings
19. Before This ft Later
20. Jane

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