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Format: LP
Release Date: November 17, 2023
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"On a mountaintop; a wide and grassy plateau, surrounded by open air. Thick clouds floating overhead. Near the edge, flowing red and white robes. They turn but their face is a blur. Muffled words hover in the air, indecipherable. Wooden panels knocking against the cliffside, attached by hinges; red ribbons streaming. Intricate patterns are carved in the wood. I trace the paths with my fingertips, like walking a labyrinth. Alone, listening to the wind."

'Shapeshifter' is a study of the subconscious. Conceptually, the album is inspired by a series of dreams that were recorded in a journal between 2013-2020. It consists of 6 textural drone tracks made through granular synthesis. Every sound was sourced from vinyl records, films, and field recordings arranged and heavily processed, forming a distorted reflection of the source material; similar to the way dreams reflect reality in another light. This is the overarching theme of 'Shapeshifter'; inner and outer worlds existing separately and in parallel, mirroring each other in different forms.

Granular Synthesis / Composition / Mixed by Leo Wolf
Mastered by Philip Fore
Artwork / Collage by Monique Mackenzie

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