Record Store Day is the world's largest single-day music event. But the heart of it is still what we started off with: our love for the best place to discover, talk about and bring music home from. The record store.

We would be the first to advise that you "make every day a record store day" and to that end, we're working to make sure they have access to fantastic records all year long, not just on special release dates or days we single them out for celebrating. Great records in great record stores.

And if you see the words *RSD ESSENTIAL* on a record -- a newly discovered masterpiece from an iconic artist, a record that first hit turntables 10, 30, even 50 years ago, the soundtrack that got you and half your generation through high school -- they are there to let you know we think that record is essential. For a record store to have in their bins, and quite possibly for you to have in your collection.