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UPC: 689230028031
Format: LP
Release Date: SEPTEMBER 13, 2024

Formed in 1987 and known for their crazy live show, the Jesus Lizard is returning with their first new music since 1998, and their first album on Ipecac (who’s celebrating their 25th Anniversary). tJL is one of the leading noise rock bands of all time, influencing newer acts such as Idles and Fucked Up. The band has also had their time in the mainstream with a split release with Nirvana, and David Yow has recently done guest vocals on an Idles album and is an actor appearing in the remake of Toxic Avenger and other indie films such as Dinner In America and Rattlesnake.

Since their initial breakup, they have reformed for tours in 2008 and then again in 2017-2019.

Their music has been in TV shows and movies such as Clerks, Young Sheldon and Get Shorty, as well as their infamous “wolf” logo shirt being featured in the recent movie “Nope”.

The band and label have a history together with Duane Denison (guitarist) being a member of the band Tomahawk with Mike Patton, as well as putting out his own album under The Unsemble. David Yow (vocalist) also sang on the Qui album put out by Ipecac.

The Jesus Lizard have returned with RACK, their first record since 1998. The album features 11 tracks of brisk guitar rock you haven’t heard since… the last time the Jesus Lizard took over a stage in your town. the Jesus Lizard — vocalist David Yow, guitarist Duane Denison, bassist David Wm. Sims, and drummer Mac McNeilly — have returned with a record teeming with the kind of madness needed to beat down today’s AOR mediocrity and piss-perfect pop drivel alike.

Since their inception in Chicago in 1987, the Jesus Lizard has thrilled audiences all over the planet. The impeccable rocket-thrust rhythm section of Sims and McNeilly was the perfect launchpad for Denison’s jagged yet clean-toned riffing and Yow’s mercurial vocalizations manifesting as everything from panicked citizen, reality escapee or wounded sea mammal. the Jesus Lizard’s fury carried on through six studio albums, two live recordings and a brace of singles and EPs.

On Rack, the Jesus Lizard have returned reconstituted, refreshed and positively revving. No tepid, bland tracks to show how they’ve “matured” as songwriters. No inane detours into unnecessary genre exercises.

the Jesus Lizard. They might not be young, but they will never, ever get fucking old.


1. Hide & Seek
2. Armistice Day
3. Grind
4. What If?
5. Lord Godiva
6. Alexis Feels Sick
7. Falling Down
8. Dunning Kruger
9. Moto(R)
10. Is That Your Hand?
11. Swan The Dog

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