WE CAME AS ROMANS <br/> <small>WCAR (BOX) (COLV=ORED VINYL) (5LP)</small>



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UPC: 794558046213
Format: LP
Release Date: February 25, 2022
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Box Contains (each with special edition artwork):
'To Plant A Seed' - Pressed on Clear/Blue Mix w/ Blue Splatter Vinyl
'Understanding What We've Grown To Be' - Pressed on Blue w/ Black Smoke Vinyl
'Tracing Back Roots' - Pressed on Blue w/ Black Splatter Vinyl
'We Came As Romans' - Pressed on Clear w/ Blue/Black Splatter Vinyl
'Cold Like War' - Pressed on Blue/Black Mixed Vinyl


    To Plant A Seed
    A1 To Plant A Seed 3:50
    A2 Broken Statues 3:41
    A3 Intentions 3:01
    A4 Roads That Don't End And Views That Never Cease 3:49
    A5 Dreams 4:15
    B1 We Are The Reasons 3:43
    B2 Beliefs 4:06
    B3 I Will Not Reap Destruction 3:58
    B4 Searching, Seeking, Reaching, Always 2:56
    B5 An Ever-Growing Wonder 3:57
    Understanding What We've Grown To Be
    C1 Mis//Understanding 3:57
    C2 Everything As Planned 3:38
    C3 What I Wished I Never Had 4:00
    C4 Cast The First Stone 3:34
    C5 The Way That We Have Been 3:44
    C6 A War Inside 5:21
    D1 Stay Inspired 3:33
    D2 Just Keep Breathing 3:59
    D3 Views That Never Cease, To Keep Me From Myself 3:47
    D4 What My Heart Held 4:05
    D5 I Can't Make Your Decisions For You 3:43
    D6 Understanding What We've Grown To Be 4:14
    Tracing Back Roots
    E1 Tracing Back Roots 3:39
    E2 Fade Away 3:45
    E3 I Survive
    FeaturingAaron Gillespie
    E4 Ghosts 3:27
    E5 Present, Future, and Past 3:27
    E6 Never Let Me Go 3:37
    F1 Hope 4:08
    F2 Tell Me Now 3:16
    F3 A Moment 3:49
    F4 I Am Free 3:33
    F5 Through The Darkest Dark And The Brightest Bright 3:44
    We Came As Romans
    G1 Regenerate 3:47
    G2 Who Will Pay? 3:23
    G3 The World I Used To Know 3:14
    G4 Memories 2:58
    G5 Tear It Down 3:23
    H1 Blur 3:14
    H2 Savior Of The Week 3:16
    H3 Flatline 3:26
    H4 Defiance 3:00
    H5 12:30 3:52
    Cold Like War
    I1 Vultures With Clipped Wings 4:04
    I2 Cold Like War 3:46
    I3 Two Hands 3:53
    I4 Lost In The Moment 4:12
    I5 Foreign Fire 3:53
    J1 Wasted Age 3:46
    J2 Encoder 3:19
    J3 If There's Nothing To See 4:35
    J4 Promise Me 3:45
    J5 Learning To Survive 4:29

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