WAITS,TOM <br/> <small>HEART OF SATURDAY NIGHT (180 GRAM)</small>



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UPC: 045778756612
Label: ANTI
Format: LP
Release Date: May 11, 2018
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1. New Coat of Paint
2. San Diego Serenade
3. Semi Suite
4. Shiver Me Timbers
5. Diamonds on My Windshield
6. (Looking for) the Heart of Saturday Night
7. Fumblin' with the Blues
8. Please Call Me, Baby
9. Depot, Depot 1
10. Drunk on the Moon 1
11. The Ghosts of Saturday Night (After Hours at Napoleone's Pizza House)



Expanding beyond the folk and pop stylings of his first album, “Heart of Sat- urday Night,“ Waits’ second studio release, established his reputation as a versatile and distinctly American songwriter. Its bluesy jazz arrangements featured bass, drums, sax and Waits on piano. The title track, a melancholy ode to Saturday night rituals, and the tenderly romantic hymn-like “San Diego Serenade” are enduring classics covered by an array of artists from Diana Krall and Nancy Griffith to folk hero Eric Anderson. The album also features the first of what would become a signature for Waits’, the spoken word-poetry song, “Diamonds on My Windshield”. Waits’ delivers these lyrics as pure beat jazz in the stylings of Kerouac , Langston Hughes and Bob Kaufman. “Beneath the sophisticated brilliance of his lyrics, Waits reveals a haunting innocence” - Rolling Stone

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