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UPC: 5060263725190
Label: WEDGE
Format: CD
Release Date: May 6, 2022
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The 20th Anniversary edition of Tinariwen's first studio album The Radio Tisdas Sessions has been remastered and repackaged with a bonus unreleased bonus track, exclusive photos and brand-new liner notes. The CD comes in a 6panel digipak, with exclusive photos and extensive new liner notes. The Radio Tisdas Sessions feature songs from Ibrahim Ag Alhabib, Kedou Ag Ossad, Mohamed Ag Itlal aka 'Japonais' who passed away on February 14th 2021, and Foy Foy.

Tinariwen are Tuaregs, children of a nomadic Berber tribe who have roamed the Saharan desert for thousands of years. Over recent centuries, colonialism has seen the Tuareg's ancestral territory partitioned into distinct countries - Mali, Algeria, Libya, Niger. This drawing of borders has turned the Tuareg into ishumar, a displaced people in search of a homeland lost to them. Tinariwen's music ' a blend of West African traditional music and electrified rock'n'roll ' speaks directly to this feeling of longing: a sound that critics have called 'desert blues'.

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