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Release Date: September 17, 2021
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Life of the Inhabitant, is the second album from Australian / Melbourne duo Time For Dreams. Recorded on the low slopes of Geboor / Mt Macedon in the winter of 2019. The cold, the isolation and the dramatic landscape around the studio felt appropriate for Life of the Inhabitant, a bleak, dehydrated more sci-fi proposition than the band’s first album In Time (IT-LP-09). The new album was born from a desire to create something romantic. Not sexy, swoony romantic but “terrible/lonely/beautiful romantic, broken, defiant, tired, kind, quiet, strong and conflicted romantic” as Carlyon describes it, set in the ruins of the currently unfolding apocalypse.

“The musical scenes in my mind unfolded across the rooftops of a metropolis or in a desert, or on some other planet with half-buried electric cables glitching in the breeze, with zombie fires smouldering in the peatlands. In other words, expansive, overwhelming or limitless scenery, but viewed from a tiny window high up on the edge of the citadel. I pictured Amanda and I wrapped up in a secure bunker looking over all this in wonder and resignation.” -Tom Carlyon

The lyrics of In Time are spare, more like chants, spells or incantations. Life of the Inhabitant has a narrative bent, setting characters in scenes – suburbs drenched in secrets, violence and occult practices (New Conflict Dream), apocalyptic coliseums (Designing the New World), frozen lakes (A World of your Own), isolated colonies (A Million Miles) feudal fortresses (Death To All Actors). The two instrumentals on the album, the titular track and Sento, are set in an underground space-bunker and a bath-house respectively. Eerily prescient, pandemic themed Death to All Actors refers to the murder of travelling theatre troupes who were suspected of spreading the plague from town to town. Outside the Citadel is described by Carlyon as “Amanda and I looking out from our fortified cave over the desert with our samplers, SM57's, and AK47s, listening to Miles Davis and drinking orange and cinnamon tea.” 

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