SPILLAGE <br/> <small>ELECTRIC EXORCIST </small>



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Label: QUMRAN 
Format: LP
Release Date: November 5, 2021
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With roots going as far back as 2002, Spillage officially arrived on the scene in 2015 with their eponymous debut. Blazing guitars from the duo of Tony Spillman and Nick Bozidarevic turned the heads of metal heads everywhere, and the demand for live shows began to take shape. Spillage fine-tuned their metal prowess by performing wherever and whenever they could, including several high profile fests and direct support slots through 2017. However, with vocalist Lothar Keller departing the band to focus on other endeavors, Spillage needed to fill in the missing puzzle piece. Enter the mighty Elvin Rodriguez, who would bring with him a brilliant trick bag full of influences from Dio to Rob Halford. With the frontman spot solidified, Spillage were ready to step back into the studio for their sophomore effort which would become known as “Blood of Angels”. A magnificently crafted album featuring the grandiose title track, and riff heavy, and occasionally psychedelic, tracks such as “Disappear” and “Evil Doers”. The superb keyboard stylings of Paul Rau added a hint of Uriah Heep to these compositions while still keeping them firmly original. Spillage took to the road in a big way in 2019, bringing their brand of “chicago-doom” to as many venues as possible, highlighted by co-headlining tour with Metal Blade recording artist Brimstone Coven. The two bands barnstormed through the south and Midwest receiving high marks from all in attendance. 2021 now sees Spillage poised to release their strongest material to date. This October 29th, “Electric Exorcist” will be unveiled for all to hear. If the reaction to the lead single and title track is any indication, Spillage will be soaring to the next level at mach speed. Prepare for riffs. Prepare for doom. You have been warned! Prepare for… ELECTRIC EXORCIST!

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