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Format: LP
Release Date: January 15, 2009
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Built from the remnants of South Carolina hardcore legends Assfactor 4, whose name still inspires hushed tones of reverence from those who saw them at their peak, along with Unherd & Tonka, SLED is the punk-metal monster caged over a decade of musical inactivity, fueled by beer and conviction to make itself known once more.

Guitarist Evil Dean and drummer Cuz – both ex-Assfactor 4 – enlisted bassist Curly from local death metal band Necrocide and the beast was born.

And like a thinking man might conclude, the beast on rampage for these nine cuts is a snarling, ravenous and frantic one. Reminding of their old band’s sprinting urgency, Evil Dean howls his words like they’re being torn from his gums; Cuz lunges into his beats, tightening time like a thumbscrew. Curly, the death metaller, pulls back on Cuz’s redline acceleration, dropping skull-stomping basslines and stretching the songs’ tension to the point of destruction.

The passion and energy and ferocity that drives SLED was never meant to be caged. A psychopath can only suppress his urges for so long.

You have two options. You either greet your evisceration with open arms, or you cower away, biting your fingernails to the quick and vainly hoping your fate doesn’t’ find you.

Too many bands get worn out in their age and start to play sad bastard woe-is-me music when they should be getting more pissed off. The folks in SLED are still pissed and still better than most bands half their age.

The time for SLED is now.

Records are all on various colored vinyl like Kudzu Green, Bacon Blue, Cakalak Gray, etc.  Plays at 45 rpm for maximum rockage.

RIYL: Assfactor 4, C.O.C., Kylesa, Coliseum, Trap Them, good music


  1. Commination
  2. Creeper
  3. Blood & Portents
  4. Futurists
  5. Metal Boy Band
  6. Reflection Black
  7. Hi-C Ody
  8. Fiend Folio
  9. Women & Children, Thirst

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