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Format: TAPE
Release Date: March 10, 2023
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1. Narcissist
2. Happenstance
3. Whole Life
4. Soccer Mommy
5. Did It To Myself
6. Concrete
7. Nowadays
8. Train Station
9. Bodies
10. Lighter
11. Mine First
12. Live Through This
13. End In Sight



Shalom makes strikingly direct music with such emotional openness and clarity that each track on her debut album Sublimation feels like a quiet revelation. While the Brooklyn-based, South Africa-raised artist writes fearlessly personal songs about moments in her life combining the storytelling of Lucy Dacus with the urgency of Indigo De Souza, her honesty is so blunt it’s inviting. Her lyrics clear whatever tension there is to make room for catharsis. These 13 tracks are a reflection of the many sides of herself with stories of heartbreak, feeling like an outsider, self-medicating and partying, and ultimately choosing love over fear. While she paints the edges of indie rock, Shalom along with her collaborator Ryan Hemsworth (Quarter-Life Crisis) team up for challenging and vivid arrangements that are danceable, driving, and also delicate.


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