PARAGONS <br/> <small>ABBA / BETTER MAN THAN I</small>



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UPC: 020543001777
Label: ROBBI
Format: 7"
Release Date: July 3, 2020
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The Paragons "Abba" - The holy grail of 1960's Carolina garage records is finally back in print.  Originally released in 1966 on North Carolina's Bobbi records, the first and only single by Charlotte's The Paragons is two sides of fuzzed out guitar madness.  The track "Abba" is 3 minutes of jangly guitars and organs that sounds like at any moment it could fall off the rails.  The b-side, "Better Man Than I" has not been properly repressed at any point and stands as an beautiful example of 60's teenage psychedelic rock.  

The record has been restored and remastered and stays true to the original rawness that The Paragons captured in 1966. 

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