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Format: LP
Release Date: April 23, 2022
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1. Non- Linear
2. Set It Off
3. Silhouette
4. Peripheral
5. In the Distance
6. The Dark
7. Stakeout
8. Revenge
9. Vision
10. Nina's Theme
11. Blue Room



Piano, synthesizer enthusiast, composer, and arranger, Eric Borders aka Captain Supernova, makes first release under new moniker, E. Lundquist. Pushing the boundaries of funk fusion, it's as much 70s library music, as it is Pink Floyd and The Flaming Lips at times. It often feels as if the planet is going to unfold. Borders, born and raised on the westside of Los Angeles, is known for his cinematic and cosmic compositions that push jazz into a different time and space. 'Multiple Images', the debut release as E. Lundquist, is the composers first attempt at making a Library Style record. A genre that lends itself well to the Sci-Fi and Jazz Fusion vibes that Borders has been known for in the past. The music often plays as if it is the soundtrack to something happening both simultaneously in and out of this universe

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