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Format: LP
Release Date: January 14, 2022
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In less than a year, dvr has gone from a 16-year-old Scottish kid on the hunt for a cracked copy of Ableton, to an XL-signed artist collaborating with Kenny Beats at 17. As though A-Levels during a global pandemic weren’t enough to contend with, the prodigious singer, song-writer and producer has already self-released two EPs – tape_01 and u can call me dillon – both lo-fi gems full of frank lyrics and endless promise. “Lockdown was a cre-ative renaissance,” he says. “It gave me all the time and resources to do exactly what I wanted: wake up every day and work on music.”
In September 2021, with high school out of the way, Dillon released “lowlife”, a downtrodden and relatable number made in collaboration with Vince Staples producer Kenny Beats. The track sits at the heart of the artist’s altogether grungier EP, dirty tapes. While the angsty sound is a natural progression from his demos, he admits that he was influenced by the post-Nirvana energy of his dad’s old band. He found some of their music during lockdown. “I thought it was incredible,” he recalls. The result docu-ments the past year and a half of Dillon’s life – the ups and downs (but if he’s honest, mostly downs) of an un-relenting battle with both his physical and mental health. He’s feeling a lot better now and the future – with live music in the pipeline, probably his own – excites him. “I just want to make other people want to make music.” And when the world hears dirty tapes, in all its raw vulnerabil-ity, it’s certain to have the desired effect.

A1 dirty tapes
A2 stupid
B1 lowlife (with Kenny Beats)
B2 drugs
B3 tunnel vision

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