CRENSHAW,MARSHALL <br/> <small>#447</small>



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UPC: 020286235361
Format: LP
Release Date: October 15, 2021
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Side A:

  1. Opening (It's All About Rock)
  2. Dime A Dozen Guy
  3. Television Light
  4. Glad Goodbye
  5. West Of Bald Knob
  6. T.M.D.

Side B:

  1. Tell Me All About It
  2. Ready Right Now
  3. Eydie's Tune
  4. Right There In Front Of Me (demo)
  5. You Said What??

#447 is Marshall Crenshaw's eighth studio album, originally released only on CD in 1999.

#447 stands tall as one of his finest albums, as well as his most ambitious and perhaps perfectly realized. The big news is the wealth of great original material, plus Crenshaw's newfound interest in guitar textures, giving this album a complex weave of interesting tones that literally leap out of the mix. He's also playing a lot more guitar than on his early sides, including three delightful instrumentals. His style shows him to be something of a cross between Kenny Burrell, Danny Gatton, and Grant Green. But with Crenshaw, the pop hook's the thing, and tunes like 'Dime a Dozen Guy,' 'Television Light,' 'Glad Goodbye,' and 'Right There in Front of Me' do not disappoint. He hasn't sounded this confident and relaxed on a record in a long time, and this disc spotlights his talent in a way that makes you smile as you're singing along with a new song that you've never heard before - perhaps the highest praise of all. For his longtime fans, this is Marshall Crenshaw firing on all four cylinders, doing what he does best.
-Cub Koda, AllMusic
In addition to his carefully crafted pop melodies, Crenshaw seems to have stumbled upon a new creative outlet, penning three jazzy instrumentals that play like soundtracks for movies yet to be filmed. He trades lightly swinging guitar licks with electric pianist David Sancious on 'Eydie's Tune' and 'You Said What??', and unleashes some Wes Montgomery-inspired octave riffing on the languid 'West Of Bald Knob'.
-No Depression

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