BRUTUS VIII <br/> <small>BEYOND</small>



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Format: LP
Release Date: February 18, 2022
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Brutus VIII is Jackson Katz's (Slow Hollows, Current Joys) rejection of his soft indie-rock band roots into no wave experimentation. Brutus VIII was started in 2013 as a solo project and after a few iterations has remained, for the most part, solo. With jarring and oftentimes abrasive live performances, Katz forces audiences to confront the expectations of a performer. The project is an exploration into the hyper masculine ideal, painting a picture of how ridiculous machismo-ism is. With nihilistic lyrical overtones, Brutus VIII personifies fear being the root of anger. In it's most distilled form, Brutus VIII is a reflection of how society both stokes the flames of angry chauvinism and uses escapism to stave off the feelings of being trapped in a cycle of helplessness.

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