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UPC: 020543007304
Label: WEEDS
Format: TAPE
Release Date: July 5, 2019
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Joe Suthers - guitars, electronics, vocals
Christian Starr - bass
Liz Southwell - guitars, electronics, vocals
Rey Reyes - drums, vocals
Mia Mendez - vocals

"In Art Star’s first release, Akin To Sin, the Charleston based band asserts the breadth of their influence. On the track “Decay and Decadence” barking, stabbing, angular riffs nod to Jesus Lizard while on tracks like “Max’s Earnest Muse” the band explores Sonic Youth tinged groove while vocalist, Mia Mendez, references surrealist painter Leonora Carrington. Throughout the short display, Art Star’s rhythm section (Sonny Reyes/Christian Starr) keep the listener’s head bobbing as guitarists (Liz Southwell/Joe Suthers) create sounds that are commonly hard to discern between creative effects work, noise boxes, or synthesizers. In the final minutes of the EP, the band falls through obtuse rhythm into total hypnotism as weeping, delayed guitars envelop pitch shifted drums as Mendez delivers her lyrics “Lift your leg up like a dog. Mark your territory” with such point as to make the even the innocent listener awash with guilt." - Kris Hilbert

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