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Format: LP
Release Date: February 24, 2023
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1. Shatter - featuring Big Rube Everybody
2. Irreversible Damage - featuring Zack De La Rocha
3. 73%
4. Cleanse Your Guilt Here
5. As It Resounds - featuring Big Rube
6. Bite Back - featuring billy woods ; Backxwash
7. Tragedy - featuring Mark Cisneros Out of Style
8. Comment #2
9. A Good Man
10. I Can't Stand It! - featuring Samuel T. Herring ; Jae Matthews
11. All You See Is.
12. Green Iris
13. Born - featuring LaToya Kent
14. Cold World - featuring Nadah El Shazly
15. Something Wrong
16. An Echophonic Soul - featuring DeForrest Brown Jr. ; Patrick Shiroishi
17. Momentary - featuring Lee Bains

Double vinyl LP pressing. Algiers have always been unflinching, but SHOOK is at the same time notably joyous and celebratory. It was born when Fisher and Mahan found themselves back in their native Atlanta for several months, reeling from growing pressures and burnout as touring musicians. This triggered an intense period of beatmaking, reconnecting as friends over hours immersed in episodes of Rhythm Roulette and Against the Clock and descending deep into alt-rap YouTube rabbit holes. A revisit of DJ Grand Wizard Theodore's 1970s punk-infused New York City rap masterpiece 'Subway Theme' served as a spiritual moodboard for the album's cross-pollination of urban and counter-culture styles. Across the seamlessly flowing set, including spoken vignettes and ambient instrumental segues, the band pay respect to a sprawling lineage of rap and punk iconoclasts from DJ Premier, DJ Screw and Dead Boys to Lukah, Griselda and Dïat - chopping and screwing beats on a dusty SP-404 and a Sequential Circuits Tempest, building imagined sample libraries from scratch.

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