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UPC: 673855079400
Format: LP
Release Date: July 29, 2022
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1. All I Wanted
2. Nutria
3. Lady Slut
4. Cleveland Steven
5. Dammit Pomegranate
6. Virgin Girl
7. Can't Complain
8. Another World
9. Nature
10. Civil Whore
11. The Grand
12. Ghostcest
13. Teasin' Ass Bitch



Recording for the first time with a proper producer (Mike McCarthy) in a proper environment (a studio lol), A Giant Dog Bone, on pink vinyl for the reissue, still manages to kool-aid man it's way through the speakers with the immediacy of the band's live shows, a hit parade for the party people. Sabrina Ellis and Andrew Cashen add another baker's dozen tunes to the band's repertoire just a year following their debut, with songs like "All I Wanted," "Dammit Pomegranate," and "Another World" cementing them as a conspicuous songwriting duo.

  • One of two reissues by Austin's garage punk glammers A Giant Dog coming out on 7/29 (with Fight)
  • Reissue of their long out-of-print sophomore album on pink color vinyl
  • The first thing I heard by A Giant Dog. Blew my mind then and still does today.” —Britt Daniel (Spoon)
  • Previously released by Tic Tac Totally
  • Music video for track "Cleveland Steven" released back in 2013
  • Original lineup with vocalist Sabrina Ellis & guitarist Andrew Cashen (both of whom are also in Sweet Spirit), Andy Bauer (guitar), Graham Low (bass) & original drummerOrville Neeley (OBN III's, Bad Sports)

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