M83 <br><small>SATURDAYS = YOUTH (AUTUMN MARBLE VINYL) (RSD ESSENTIALS) <br>PREORDER out 3/18/2022<br></small>

PREORDER out 3/18/2022


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preorder - out 3/18/2022

UPC: 724596962930
Label: MUTE
Format: LP
Release Date: MARCH 18, 2022


The idea of youth - wasted, gilded or otherwise - has always featured prominently in M83's music. "I loved being a teenager,'' says Anthony Gonzalez, who is M83. That time of discovery - and of course the era in which Gonzalez was a teenager - greatly impacted the making of Saturdays = Youth. Originally released in 2008, this record features the singles "We Own The Sky," "Kim & Jessie" and "Graveyard Girl." It's a shimmering, nostalgic pop ode to the '80s and M83's most explicit celebration of how it feels to be dazed, confused, and 15 years old.

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