TOMOKAWA,KAZUKI <br/> <small>KAZUKI TOMOKAWA 1975-1977 (3CD) </small>



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Label: BKFO
Format: CD
Release Date: November 19, 2021
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1. CD1: The Flower of Youth
2. Soul
3. Yumiko's Spring
4. Song from the Void
5. Grave
6. Hail the Wonderful Law of the Lotus
7. Phone Call
8. An Akita Folk Song Run Amok
9. World School
10. Protest, Age 23
11. Mr. Ishimori
12. First Bon
13. A Cat Burglar in the Night
14. Bright Night
15. CD2: Grampa
16. Goddam Winter
17. Ameran Kuyuran
18. Dagadzugu
19. A Fitting Adolescence
20. Footbridge
21. The Spring is Here Again Song
22. Frdige
23. Smithereens
24. Don't Kill the Sea Lions
25. Harmonica
26. A Little Ditty
27. Stone
28. CD3: Opening Theme
29. Try Saying You're Alive!
30. Kill or Be Killed
31. Memory
32. Got A Problem
33. Namahage
34. My Hometown is Also Inside a Dog
35. The Boys of Hachiryü
36. The Donpan Song Goes off the Rails
37. Runaway Boy
38. Missed My Time to Die



A poet, soothsayer, bicycle race tipster, actor, prolific drinker, self-taught guitarist, and living legend of Japanese sound, Kazuki Tomokawa catapulted into Tokyo's avant-folk scene in the mid-1970s, forging a sound and sensibility marked by throat-wrenching vocals and searing ennui. Among his musical peers in postwar Japan, Tomokawa distinguished himself as a pioneer of radical individualism. He had "the personality of a hydrogen bomb"-as the notorious ultraleft band the Brain Police once put it-and a sound to match. Now, Blank Forms Editions gathers Tomokawa's earliest records for the first time in a deluxe three CD boxed set comprised of Finally, His First Album (Harvest Records, 1975), Straight from the Throat (Harvest Records, 1976), and A String of Paper Cranes Clenched between My Teeth (Harvest Records, 1977).In each record, Tomokawa shouts, cries, wails, and croons, his folk stylings tinged with psychedelia and swelling into ground-shaking rock. Many tracks are performed in his native Akita dialect, a highly regional vernacular of north Japan rarely heard beyond the prefecture, and even less often used in music. Matching his guttural, all-out vocals are profoundly existential meditations on everyday life and the world around him; this is, as record executive Kiichi Takara dubs it, "I-music." It looks toward the interior, the quotidian, and the domestic with piercing and ever-honest eyes. The accompanying liner notes (here translated for the first time) include introductions by Takara, a round table discussion with Brain Police, and lyrics for all three albums-tracking the rise of Tomokawa as the "screaming philosopher" of Japan. The boxed set will be in conjunction with the release of each record in LP format in 2022, and the musician's 2015 memoir, Try Saying You're Alive! (Blank Forms Editions, 2021), the first-ever English translation of his prose; together they provide the definitive introduction to the singular world of Kazuki Tomokawa.

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