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Format: CD
Release Date: May 27, 2022
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1. Silly Games - By Janet Kay
2. Hopelessly in Love - By Carroll Thompson
3. I'm in Love with a Dreadlocks - By Brown Sugar
4. Devoted to You - By Sister Stern
5. Choose Me - By Dennis Bovell ; African Stone
6. Simply in Love (2021 - Remaster) - By Carroll Thompsonbaby Love - By Winston Reedy
7. (Love Comes from the Most) Unexpected Places - By Hortense Ellis
8. Spell - By Sylvia Tella
9. I Can't Give You Anything (But My Love) [7" Mix] - By the J Sisters
10. I'm Still in Love with You - By Marcia Aitken
11. Can't Go Through with Life - By Marie Pierre
12. Keep It Like It Is - By Louisa Mark
13. African Queen - By Errol Campbell
14. Reflections of My Life (7" Mix) - By Barry Biggs ; Ruddy Thomas
15. Moi Emma Ooh - By Winston Reedy
16. Cry - By Angelique
17. When I Think of You (7" Mix) - By Ruddy Thomas
18. Baby My Love - By Fil Callendar ; the in Crowd
19. Caught You in a Lie - By Louisa Mark
20. Money in My Pocket (1978 Version) - By Dennis Brown
21. Good Thing Going (We've Got a Good Thing Going) - By Sugar Minott
22. You Make Me Feel So Good - By Ruddy Thomas ; Susan Cadogan
23. Dim the Light - By Winston Reedy
24. Someone Loves You, Honey - By June 'J.C.' Lodge
25. Taxi - By Leroy Brown
26. Loving Pauper (7" Mix) - By Ruddy Thomas
27. You Will Never Find Another Love Like Mine - By John Holt
28. Sweet Man - By the in Crowd
29. Walk Away from Love - By Ken Boothe
30. I'm Hurtin' Inside - By Marcia Griffiths
31. Hooked on You - By Delroy Wilson
32. Groovy Situation - By Keith Rowe
33. Investigator - By Cornel Campbell
34. Baby Love (1978 Mix) - By the Sensations
35. Have You Ever Been in Love? (7" Mix) - By Dennis Brown
36. People Are Doing It Every Day - By Delroy Wilson
37. I Want to Make It with You (12 Mix) - By Carroll Thompson ; Sugar Minott
38. Sweetie Come Brush Me - By John Holt
39. Can't Buy My Love - By Dhaima
40. Night Nurse - By Gregory Isaacs
41. I'm So Sorry - By Carroll Thompson
42. Getting Cozy - By the in Crowd
43. When Push Comes to Shove - By Freddie McGregor
44. Lovers Race - By Sugar Minott
45. Wildfire (7" Mix) - By Dennis Brown ; John Holt
46. Personally Speaking - By Winston Reedy
47. Just One Moment Away - By Ruddy Thomas
48. Supernatural Thing - By Richard Ace
49. Hold on to What You've Got (7" Mix) - By Dennis Brown
50. Side Show (Dancehall Mix) - By Barry Biggs
51. Last Date (W/ You) - By T.T. Ross
52. Lovers Rock, J.A. Style - By Freddie McGregor
53. Portrait of You - By Gladwin Wright
54. I'm Still Waiting (7" Mix) - By Delroy Wilson
55. Walk Away - By Marie Pierre
56. Love Has Found It's Way - By Dennis Brown
57. Paradise (In Your Eyes) - By Winston Reedy
58. Ghetto Queen - By John Holt
59. Key to the World - By Ruddy Thomas



The first British reggae sub-genre to achieve 'outernational' success and influence the music of Jamaica, lovers rock was a dominating force in the UK scene, from the mid-Seventies through to the close of the Eighties. Developed largely as a counterpoint to the more militant style of roots reggae, the romantically-themed genre was heavily influenced by the styles of US R&B and the predominantly soulful Jamaican rock steady sound of the Sixties. Despite the style achieving mainstream success with a number of major UK chart hits, lovers rock received scant attention in the mainstream media until the screening of Steve's McQueen's award-winning 2020 BBC TV series, "Small Axe", the highlight of which was an aptly titled episode that paid tribute to the style and it's impact upon British culture. Since then, interest in the genre has continued to grow internationally and reflecting this trend comes this handsomely packaged 3xCD digipack collection. Comprising 60 of the most popular and influential recordings in the style, the collection includes works by such legendary British performers as Janet Kay, Carroll Thompson, Dennis Bovell and Louisa Mark, alongside established Jamaican reggae royalty, notably Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown, John Holt and Sugar Minott. With it's focus firmly upon the best-loved romantic reggae sounds of the Seventies and Eighties, this essential collection of dancefloor favourites provides the most authentic representation of lovers rock sounds yet to see issue.

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