LADIES <br/> <small>THEY MEAN US [Limited Edition Randomized Mystery Vinyl LP]</small>

THEY MEAN US [Limited Edition Randomized Mystery Vinyl LP]


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Format: LP
Release Date: November 19, 2021
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After delaying the inevitable for over half a decade, the west coast's most versatile indie-rock every man, Rob Crow (co-founder of Pinback, Thingy, Heavy Vegetable, and many more) and the world's most left-of-everything drummer, Zach Hill (co-founder of Death Grips and Hella) joined forces in 2006, adopting the moniker, The Ladies. Uniting the disparate worlds of experimental noise and prog-pop, They Mean Us is stunningly effective and efficient. Simultaneously accessible and abstract, The Ladies are an inspired collaborative force truly unlike anything else.

The vinyl format – out-of-print for well over a decade –has finally been reissued. Remastered for vinyl and now including the bonus track, “Trapped in the Hobbit,” this special reissue is available in 140-gram black vinyl, and limited-edition Randomized Mystery colored vinyl




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