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UPC: 020543007465
Format: 7"
Release Date: May 27, 2022
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Behold! The latest 45 from Queens, NY stalwarts - The Frightnrs. With this platter the group pushes past the rocksteady rhythms that have come to define their Daptone releases and deliver a genre-defying, soulful triumph of sound. "Always" the a-side and title track of their forthcoming album drops with a beat that hits like a seven ton bomb. Heavy, heavy drums...raw guitar and ethereal keys fortify the soulful bedrock for Dan Klein's other-worldly vocal performance. Plucked from stems tracked years prior, the seamless joining of Klein's old vocal track to the Frightnrs new recordings exemplifies how masters of their craft can make something so complex sound effortless. It also serves as a document of musical brothers injecting the undying love and respect they have for each other into the DNA of every note.

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