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Format: LP
Release Date: August 25, 2023
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1. Tape Rewind
2. Defending Ruins
3. Don't You Ever
4. Isolator
5. Baby
6. Is This a Hotel?
7. Up Spacecraft
8. Lessen
9. Influencer
10. Tell Me Why
11. All I'll Ever Be



In Rumi’s poem A Great Wagon he writes of a place of total acceptance. “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there,” It is a boundless, liminal space where we can release the judgments we make and carry of ourselves, and the comparisons to others. When we think of this field, there is a sense of tranquility that only comes when we are undisturbed by the shadow self and see existence as neither bright nor dim, white nor black. But as lead singer Greg Bertensexplains, arriving there is a whole different story. “This is a poem I’ve returned to over the years, and I love the idea of this place, but getting there is life’s journey.” Bertens adds “I think the longing for and elusiveness of this field is a recurring theme in our music.” Field is enveloped by themes of regret, disconnection and frustration but with the space to understand that these feelings are a natural part of the struggle between reconciling the inner and outer self.

The Los Angeles/San Francisco-based group have been indie shoegaze stalwarts since their formation in 2001. After two decades and a handful of line-up changes, their extensive discography presents a dynamically textural, lush psychedelic rock that has featured guest appearances by members of Pavement, My Bloody Valentine, and Snow Patrol, among others. 2021’s LP We Weren’t Here(Sonic Ritual) was hailed for its dense instrumental blanket, where unrelenting hi-hats and heavy kicks exist alongside dreamy drone guitar.

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