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Format: LP
Release Date: March 4, 2022
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1. Bad Colours - Evers' Jam 0
2. The Goods - FEELS 4 U (feat. Steve Spacek)
3. Kumail - Without You
4. Nick Wisdom - Good Times
5. Kool Customer - Fastlane
6. Buscrates - Spotlight
7. Peter Matson - Roma Norte (Jimpster Remix)
8. Illa J - Sunflower (feat. Allie ; Potatohead People) [DJ Spinna Remix]
9. The Pendletons - Keep It Working (Jacques Renault Remix)
10. Chico Mann ; Captain Planet - Un Poquito Más
11. BRISA - Astro Funk
12. Manatee Commune - Majestic Diver
13. Potatohead People - Bonzai View
14. RUMTUM - Tropic Air
15. POSY - Amai
16. Bad Colours - Skin to Skin (musclecars Remix)
17. Captain Planet - Hammock Dreams
18. Jugoe - Tique Toque
19. B. Bravo - Can't Keep My Hands Off You (feat. Reva DeVito)
20. Dead Horse Beats - July



From it's humble beginnings in 2001, the Brooklyn label Bastard Jazz Recordings has trailblazed a unique path in the world of independent record labels. Appealing to both DJs and music fans from all walks of life, BJR has become known for it's eclectic sound & community of global artists from Mumbai to Napoli, New York to Kinshasha, who touch on everything from funk to hip-hop, house music to forward thinking beats, soul to jazz and international sounds, along with it's unrelenting commitment to the vinyl medium. This November, the label will be celebrating 20 years of operation in various incarnations and are releasing a special compilation and a DJ friendly 4xLP titled '20 Years of Bastard Jazz' filled with brand new cuts from it's current roster, plus a selection of catalog material, some of it classic, some of it overlooked, and some of it unpressed.

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