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Their long-awaited LP Brotherer is a treasure hunt of sonic motifs. White’s guitar meanders, evoking jazz, math-rock, and country, carving between Berkau’s steady strumming and Nelson’s bass grooves. Knox’s and Schneider’s dual drumming bulks the sound beyond folk, but their rhythms offer more space and encourage more directional diversions than they restrict. Thewlis colors the already full sound with warm brass tones and chiming, clattering auxiliary percussion. “It’s really very accessible without being watered down,” Nelson says. “It’s nice to be in a band with that kind of energy, but… you’re not offended, we don’t sound angry.” Berkau agrees, laughing, “It’s kind of fuel, you know? Being in punk bands it’s like, ‘You spend all your time making really loud, abrasive music and this is why you have a shitty job and this is why you’re not in school.’ Instead they’re like, ‘Oh, I can listen to this, I don’t care that you have a shitty job and you’re not in school.’ ”


1 Kiethiopia
2 Son of Pomegranate
3 All Andy Were the Borogroves
4 Posi-Condor Session
5 Wet Digital Red Storm
6 Eddie San
7 Helmets (in the) Meantime
8 Spirit Glyder
9 Soda Sprouts


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