1st press:

Obstruction - S/T - 7" + CD
Lunchbox Records #13 - released 2008

While most of the state seems obsessed with the throwback style hardcore oh No Way & Sorry State Records, North Carolina's Obstruction are one of the few modern punk bands that incite comparisons to both the Faith and "Dealing With It" period D.R.I. Honing their crossover style of hardcore while playing dozens of shows in the southeast with bands like Municipal Waste, Double Negative, Magrudergrind, Phobia, etc. they've become a permanent fixture in NC's thriving punk scene. This is their debut 7" after a pair of demos that received great reviews and an interview in the Feb. 2008 issue of MRR. It contains 5 ultra fast songs of blistering punk/thrash mayhem. Each record comes with a CD of the songs, comes on colored vinyl, and features hand-colored covers. Obstruction will be on tour for most of July 2008.

    SIDE A:

  1. Shit Sells
  2. Nothing New
  3. Montana Face
    SIDE B:

  1. Brother Gary
  2. Suburban Nightmare

Pressing info:
    1st pressing: 400 copies on many colors of vinyl with CDRs of the 7". We didn't feel like counting them all, but there are gray, blue, pink, orange and a bunch of colors in between.

    Josh Robbins - vocals
    Wes Hamilton - guitar
    Rob Davis - bass
    Keith - drums
Rob also plays guitar in Grids. Keith also plays drums in Rogue Nations.

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