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Car Vs. Driver - Deja Grateful - LP
Lunchbox Records #6 - recorded June & October 1994, released 1995

"9 songs that explode with emotion and drive. A mixture of a variety of styles show the extensiveness of Car Vs. Driver's influences. Well sung emotional vocals with vivid lyrics on a political/personal level. Music moves from driving hardcore, poppy melodies, to moody emo. A classic." - from a distro list a lon time ago

Their first LP which showed them growing quite a bit. A variety of songs with some dual vocal interplay, screams, and smoother all around. A much better guitar sound than the 7" and this features the song "Without A Day" which became their "hit" in Atlanta at least. I'm sure they got sick of playing it. When Scout went on tour we would play the intro to that song at the beginning of one of ours just to fuck with them. Still better stuff to come though...

    SIDE A:

  1. 20 x 5
  2. Hemlock
  3. Without A Day
  4. Livid Step
  5. Summer Pick-Up
    SIDE B:

  1. This Is The Product
  2. Dover
  3. Property
  4. Lineage

Pressing info:
    1st pressing: 1000 copies on black vinyl
    2nd pressing: 1000 copies on black vinyl. No difference in pressings.

    Matt Mauldin - vocals
    Jonathan Rothman - guitar, vocals on Property
    Stephen Wishart - bass
    James Joyce - drums
Matt was previously in Venosity and Bloodspoon. He then went on to be in Chocolate Kiss and is currently singing in Sonn Av Krusher.

Jonathan was previously in Substandard (the song "Property" was one of theirs). He then moved out west and was in Sunset On Tokyo and currently plays guitar in The Long Winters

Steve was previously in Something To Prove and Such As. He then went on to tour with Scout and play in Fields Lay Fallow and To The Mean.

James was previously in the Midget Farmers and Go-Steadys. He then went on to play drums in The Hal Al Shedad, Ultivac, and a bunch more. He played guitar in Chocolate Kiss. He currently plays drums in Sonn Av Krusher and guitar in Noot d'Noot.

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