1st press:

Various - Bag Of Jakes comp. - 7"
Lunchbox Records #3 - recorded 1991, released 1992

A 4 band 7" compilation masterminded by Doug Ahern. Fiddlehead were favorites at this time and this song is off their demo. A vastly different version of this same song appears on one of their Allied 7"s. Oily-O was another heavier band that played at Milo's a lot, which was the only place many of the younger bands in Atlanta could get shows at the time. I only ever saw Figure play once or twice and they were much better live than I think this recording is, but that was mostly because it was so fun to watch Kyle play drums. Overall this was a good cross reference of what was going on at the time.

    SIDE A:

  1. FIDDLEHEAD - Hard Genny
  2. OILY-O - Still Shoulder
    SIDE B:

  1. DIRT - Champion Dick
  2. FIGURE - Gypsy

Pressing info:
    1st pressing: 500 copies on maroon vinyl (even though the pictures look black)

Fiddlehead released 1 other 7" on Lunchbox, 2 on Allied, a 10" on Allied, and a song on the Refuel Athens comp cd.

Bruce from Fiddlehead went on to Freemasonry, Galanas::Cerdd, John Brown, Haricot Vert, probably some more.

Kyle from Figure went on to The Martians, Harvey Milk, The Tom Collins, J Mascis & The Fog, and runs Ronnie Jones Sound out of Athens.

Dirt released a 7" and 2 albums on Worrybird Disk.

John from Dirt moved up north and formed Mount Shasta who have a bunch of stuff on Skin Graft.

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You can download this 7" here.