1st press:

Wrong Answer Zoo Breath - S/T - 7"
Lunchbox Records #2 - recorded & released 1991

Wrong Answer Zoo Breath were a band from Marietta, GA that played a lot of shows with Such As. They were really fun and people liked them a lot, and I guess Steve liked them enough to offer to put this out. They had an East Bay ska/punk sound. Mind you this was in 1991 before the 3rd wave ska explosion nightmare of the mid '90s. Probably the worst cover art of any record we released which didn't help it sell. Neither did them not touring and then breaking up and going to college. I think Steve eventually threw away a couple hundred copies of this when he got tired of dragging them around every time he moved.

    SIDE A:

  1. Dulcimer
  2. Wonderful World
  3. Horrid Land
    SIDE B:

  1. Rite Sock
  2. Man To Man

Pressing info:
    1st pressing: 500 copies on gold vinyl

    Tony Parker - vocals
    Mark Thompson - guitar
    Jake Harvey - bass
    Mike Terebecki - drums
Mark and Jake went off to college and played in Meat Press and Slavic 747 together, both of which sound nothing like this stuff and a lot like Steel Pole Bathtub. Go figure. No idea on Tony or Mike.

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