1st press:

Various - The View An Atlanta Compilation 1984-1990 - cassette
Lunchbox Records #1 - released 1990

A little punk rock compilation produced in 1990 to focus on Atlanta's punk scene from it's starting points until then. I think by this point most of the Side A bands were broken up except maybe O.C.B. Most of the bands on Side B were pretty active in the scene at the time, playing regularly at places like The Wreck Room, Visions, and Milo's.

    SIDE A:

  1. BAN K.A. - Ode to Phil Phons
  2. NEON CHRIST - Savior
  3. GARDENS OF... - Sacrifice
  4. AFTER WORDS - Thing They Never Taught You
  5. STICKMEN - Rusty Musty Mildew
  6. JUMPSTART - Wasted Breath
  7. DEAD ELVIS - Beercore
  8. KICKER BOYS - I Don't Scare
  9. O.C.B. - Try To Understand
    SIDE B:

  1. GROUNDWORK - Life Sentence
  2. THRESHOLD - Raging Dawn
  3. FACE - Second Half
  4. FULL FRONTAL NUDITY - The Good Doctor
  5. THIRD SEASON - Poison In The Water
  6. BALROG - The Incident
  7. ...SUCH AS... - Empty Words
  9. ACT OF FAITH - On My Own
  10. NO WALLS - Never Fall Apart

Pressing info:
    1st pressing: 500 copies on cassette.

Neon Christ broke up and Kip went on to Bl'ast for a short while, moved back to Atlanta and then went on to Final Offering, No Walls, Madfly, and is currently in Comes With the Fall and is the lead singer of Alice in Chains. The rest of the band formed Gardens Of... with Jimmy moving from drums to guitar. Jimmy was also in Snaking Way. Jimmy and Danny were in Samo (with guest vocals by Randy on an old Neon Christ song), and currently play in the Accidents. Neon Christ released a 7" in 1984 and a 2x7" in 1990, and has played a few reunion shows from 2004-2008.

After Words released an LP on Sammich Records out of D.C. The bassist and drummer played together in Slumberjack out of Athens. The bass player was also in The Glands, Tom Collins, and currently tour manages bands like Harvey Milk.

Dead Elvis released one 7" that I know of.

Kicker Boys released an LP on Link Records that took me forever to find.

O.C.B. released two demo tapes which I no longer have but would like to get again...

Chris from Threshold went on to be in Luxury who put out a few albums on Tooth & Nail records.

Geoey from Face went on to join the bassist, guitarist, and drummer of Third Season to form Fiddlehead.

Steve from Such As went on to Car Vs. Driver and Fields Lay Fallow. Scott from Such As went on to Scout, Ostinato Grove, and currently plays in a few bands in Charlotte, NC.

Wrong Answer Zoo Breath relased a 7" on Lunchbox. Go here for more info.

Act of Faith released a couple demo tapes, a 7", a full length cd, and some comp stuff. A couple of them went on to be in Ex Members Of.

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