1st press:

Fiddlehead - Moneyman - 7"
Lunchbox Records #1.5 - recorded & released 1991, split release with Wuxtry Records of Atlanta

Fiddlehead's first 7", not long after they formed. Everyone but the singer were previously in a band called Third Season that had a more Dischord/Shudder To Think sound and when they wanted to move on to a harder sound changed vocalists. Definitely in the vein of some Chicago stuff at the time. They recorded another demo with this line up then got a new drummer.

    SIDE A:

  1. Moneyman
    SIDE B:

  1. Circles

Pressing info:
    1st pressing: 500 copies on black vinyl (we think).

    Geoey Cook - vocals
    Bruce Bohannon - guitar
    Mike Haggerty - bass
    Kip Thomas - drums
Fiddlehead released one other 7" on Lunchbox, 2 on Allied, a 10" on Allied, and a song on the Refuel Athens comp cd.

Bruce, Mike, and Kip were previously in Third Season. Geoey previously sang in Face.

Bruce went on to Freemasonry, Galanas::Cerdd, John Brown, Haricot Vert, probably some more.

Kip went on to Freemasonry, Galanas::Cerdd, and Chocolate Kiss.

Mike was also in John Brown. Not sure what any of them are up to now.

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You can download this 7" plus a bunch of other Fiddlhead stuff here.