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We have a couple of new releases on our label. After years of dormancy, moving to Charlotte, opening a store, and hosting tons of shows we have begun to put out records again. Why? Because Charlotte gets neglected in the grand scheme of the punk south and seems to have a bad reputation based on all of the metalcore that spawned from here. After being here for a few years, I got inspired and reminded of the Atlanta scene I grew up in 10-15 years ago, so we're doing our best to bring attention to a thriving indie/punk scene that isn't cookie-cutter crap.


#16 Meth Mountain - Monotony 7"
#15 SLED - s/t LP
#14 Grids - s/t 7"


#13 Obstruction - s/t 7"
#12 Calabi Yau - Elitist 7"


METH MOUNTAIN - Monotony 7"+ download

METH MOUNTAIN is a ragin' punk band from the Queen City of Charlotte, NC. New 7" release that is a split being Lunchbox, Made In Kansas, and Self Aware. Most of these tracks are influenced by FUCKED UP, late era BLACK FLAG, and even a hint of surf influence a la MASSHYSTERI. Out now! (Lunchbox Records #16)

Meth Mountain on MySpace

GRIDS - s/t 7"+ download

Grids has been around for about a year now and has made quite a dent in the North Carolina scene. Loud and noisy like a wonderful mix of old school AmRep worshippers sacrificing all of their friends' ears for their own sadomasochistic fun. For fans of Clockcleaner, Pissed Jeans, Young Widows, Jesus Lizard, all things heavy. Comes with download card for the analog impaired. (Lunchbox Records #14)

Grids on MySpace


While most of the state seems obsessed with the throwback style hardcore oh No Way & Sorry State Records, North Carolina's Obstruction are one of the few modern punk bands that incite comparisons to both the Faith and "Dealing With It" period D.R.I. Honing their crossover style of hardcore while playing dozens of shows in the southeast with bands like Municipal Waste, Double Negative, Magrudergrind, Phobia, etc. they've become a permanent fixture in NC's thriving punk scene. This is their debut 7" after a pair of demos that received great reviews and an interview in the Feb. 2008 issue of MRR. It contains 5 ultra fast songs of blistering punk/thrash mayhem. Each record comes with a CD of the songs, comes on colored vinyl, and features hand-colored covers. Obstruction will be on tour for most of July 2008. (Lunchbox Records #13)

Obstruction on MySpace

CALABI YAU - Elitist 7"

Calabi Yau hail from Charlotte, NC and have been around since 2004. They are currently working on a new LP/CD for release on Alone Records in late 2008. Over the last few years they've perfected combination of an upbringing listening to too much of the Skin Graft catalog, early no-wave, and a little D.C. post-punk rhythm and melody. They have a truly unique dual-guitar style with amazing drumming that relies much more on accents than beats, making a sound not unlike DNA. Calabi Yau have done several regional tours, one national tour and played with Pere Ubu, Lightning Bolt, Melt Banana, Kites, USAISAMONSTER, Xiu Xiu, Make Believe, Zs, Q and not U, Dan Deacon, An Albatross, Old Time Relijun, Raccoo-oo-oon, Yukon, Dysrhythmia, Des_Ark, Parts & Labor, Dove, Cinemechanica, Blame Game, Ahleuchatistas, New Flesh, Thank God, Daughters, Hex Machine, and tons more. They also run the Yauhaus, a local DIY house-show staple. This is Calabi Yau's first vinyl release after one full length CD on Din Din Records.(Lunchbox Records #12)

Calabi Yau on MySpace

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#1 The View - An Atlanta Compilation 1984-1990 cassette - with Neon Christ, After Words, O.C.B., Kicker Boys, No Walls, Stickmen (GA), Act of Faith, ...Such As..., Third Season and a bunch more.
#1.5 Fiddlehead - Moneyman / Circles 7"
#2 Wrong Answer (Zoo Breath) - s/t 7"
#3 Bag of Jakes Compilation 7" with Dirty, Fiddlehead, Figure, & Oily-O
#4 Car vs. Driver - s/t (or "Home") 7"
#5 Scout / Freemasonry - split LP
#6 Car vs. Driver "Deja Grateful" LP
#7 Hal al Shedad / Inkwell split 7"
#8 Car vs. Driver"Out Of A Silent Sky" LP
#9 Fields Lay Fallow "One Hundred Years of High Rises" 6 song LP


#10 Car Vs. Driver - Completeist 2xCD discography
#11 The Store - limited edition of one, your collection will never be complete...
#12 Calabi Yau - The Elitist 7"
#13 Obstruction - S/T 7"
#14 Grids - S/T 7"
#16 Meth Mountain - Monotony 7"

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